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Simple Blood Test Help Olympians Go for Gold

Ashley February 20, 2014 Blood Testing, Bone health, Vitamin D Deficiency Comments Off on Simple Blood Test Help Olympians Go for Gold


The U.S. Women’s Hockey Team rely on blood tests several times a year to measure the players’ levels of vitamin D. While fortified milk, cereal and certain types of fish can provide limited amounts of Vitamin D in the diet, the main source is sunlight. For that reason, many people with indoor jobs, living in northern climates, or with concerns about the sun’s harmful effects on skin may have a Vitamin D deficiency.

The NY Times reported about half of the U.S. Women’s Hockey Team showed suppressed levels during testing and were placed on vitamin D3 supplements.

“Sufficient levels of vitamin D have been associated with healthy bone density, a bolstered immune system, lower exercise-related inflammation and quicker recovery time from exercise.”

Whether you’re going for Gold for simply just exercising to stay fit, understanding your health is important. Find out if you have a Vitamin D deficiency. All it takes is a simple blood test.


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