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Hey guys! Are you one of the 52 percent?

Susan December 2, 2012 Cholesterol Screens, Men's Health, Obesity and related diseases Comments Off on Hey guys! Are you one of the 52 percent?
Hey guys! Are you one of the 52 percent?

If there are two things we know about men it’s that they dislike doctor visits and more than half don’t get enough exercise.  A third are considered obese and 31 percent have hypertension.

Are you one of them?

A simple blood and urine test, purchased online and fulfilled at a lab near you, can provide screening of more than 50 indicators of male wellness. This screen includes a complete blood count for information on red and white blood cells, platelets, hemoglobin and hematocrit, and includes testosterone and PSA screening, a cholesterol and glucose profile, and measurement of elements critical to good heart, liver and kidney function—such as potassium, calcium, uric acid, electrolytes and iron.

Whether you do it as a baseline or to investigate infertility, EDS, evidence of prostate cancer, heart or liver disease or diabetes—just do it.

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