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Hey guys? Tough enough for a little blood test?

Susan June 14, 2013 Men's Health Comments Off on Hey guys? Tough enough for a little blood test?
Hey guys? Tough enough for a little blood test?

Here’s a proverbial question: Why do men avoid health and wellness procedures? From an irregular mole to a large lump on the neck, almost everyone can tell a story about the guy that was too tough to check it out.  And in some cases that reluctance ended badly.

Here’s a simple way to screen 50 different indicators of health—with one blood draw.  This lab test can be ordered online with blood draw in your local lab with results that screen for prostate-antigen (PSA), cholesterol and glucose levels and heart, liver and kidney function.  Swing by the lab on your way to the court or the course to get a baseline on critical measures of health.  It won’t hurt a bit.

Who should be tested? You should strongly consider testing if you are a man struggling with male infertility (low sperm count), low sex drive, erectile dysfunction, moodiness, loss of muscle tone or increased body fat. You should also consider testing if you have a family history of prostate cancer, heart disease, high cholesterol, liver disease or diabetes. Even if you are not exhibiting symptoms, this test is useful to establish a baseline for overall health and wellness.

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