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Fat? Tired? And sick of it?

Susan July 15, 2013 Hereditary Diseases, Men's Health, Obesity and related diseases, Weight Loss & FItness, Women's Health Comments Off on Fat? Tired? And sick of it?
Fat? Tired? And sick of it?

What would it take for you to change your lifestyle? A personal trainer who’s both tough but loving—like the ones you see on The Biggest Loser? A humiliating experience like being unable to fit in a chair or through a door?  Or a lab test that reveals you’re at higher risk for developing diabetes or non-alcoholic fatty liver disease? What if you found out you were at risk of experiencing a cardiac event?

The thing is, though many are overweight because they eat more calories than their bodies need, a number of biological and genetic factors can play a role in determining exactly how much food is too much for you.

If you’re overweight, there are a couple of things to consider when you’re ready to make a change.  A Super Chemistry blood test provides 25 measures of heart, liver and kidney health—including your risk for non-alcoholic liver disease and cholesterol levels. You can add thyroid and ferritin tests to the Super Chemistry blood panel to understand your thyroid function and iron levels. The Super Chemistry Heart + Thyroid + Ferritin test can detect if your thyroid is underactive—a condition that often leads to sluggishness, comfort food cravings and weight gain.

An Energy and Metabolism Basic test provides a complete assessment of thyroid function and helps to explain why you experience low energy, difficulty losing weight no matter what you try, fat gain around the hips, mood disruptions and body temperature less than 98 degrees.

Are you always craving sugar and carbs? A Cardio Metabolic Risk blood test reveals precursors to two of the most prevalent health conditions—heart disease and diabetes. This profile takes a proactive approach at evaluating risks for both of these conditions and may be just what you need to kick start new habits.

For more information about biological and hereditary precursors of obesity read The Fat Trap, by Tara Parker-Pope, for the New York Times.


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