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High-quality, low-cost blood tests make sense

Susan August 4, 2008 Blood Testing Comments Off on High-quality, low-cost blood tests make sense
High-quality, low-cost blood tests make sense

Discount blood tests can help keep medical costs down according to Dr. Greg Jackson, a physician at San Antonio’s Interceptive Health.  Dr. Jackson is writing a book on preventive health care.

Discount lab tests assist in prevention and lowering costs

Discount blood tests are a key component of Dr. Jackson’s approach to reducing costs for his patients.  First, Dr. Greg Jackson focuses his patients on prevention or catching health issues early.  Second, as a way to reduce costs to patients, Dr. Jackson’s has healthy patients schedule physicals every 15 to 18 months instead of every twelve months–allowing patients to “straddle” two calendar years and incur only one deductible co-payment or payment.

Discount blood tests with quality results

Dr. Jackson also recommends coming to the physical armed with lab results in order to avoid the time and cost of having a follow-up visit.  Dr. Jackson says he sends his patients to HealthCheckUSA because it offers discounted prices on common lab tests.

In addition to customary well-check lab tests, like a complete blood count,  patients experiencing symptoms can order additional tests–such as nutrition, cardiovascular, or thyroid profiles and take the results to the doctor’s office.

Discount health tests for cost-conscious consumers

Dr. Jackson reminds his patients and every person receiving health care that if health costs are a concern, have a discussion with your physician.  Many physicians will work with their patients to make health care more affordable.  HealthCheckUSA will also work with you and your physician to provide quality lab tests and timely results to save money and time.

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