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Featured Test: the Women’s Basic Profile



In honor of the month of October being dedicated to Breast Cancer awareness and Women’s Health, in general, we thought we’d put the spotlight on one of HealthCheckUSA’s most comprehensive and cost-effective lab tests for women: the Women’s Basic Profile (conveniently on sale this month for 10% off!).

What does it include? The better question is what doesn’t it include!

  • Super Chemistry Heart panel (complete blood count and complete metabolic panel)
  • Thyroid Panel (T4 total, T3 uptake, and TSH)
  • HbA1c (diabetes indicator)
  • TIBC (total iron binding capacity)
  • Urinalysis

Everything above includes OVER FIFTY different individual tests, giving you a snapshot into your health.

Check out full details on the test and how to purchase here:

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