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Live long and prosper, but how?

Live long and prosper, but how?

If you’re reading this, you’re close…

Health conscious women and men—especially those who read health blogs—try hard to do the right thing; whether it means getting enough exercise, fiber, water, Vitamin D, sleep. We know certain conditions come with the genes that made us; but likewise, there are things we can do that will contribute to longer life with more energy.

If you’ve ever wondered if there’s a test you can take for a snapshot of overall health—aside from the annual physical and self-health questionnaires (such as anecdotal “wellness age” vs. “real age” surveys)—you can stop wondering.

Start with a systems check

HealthCheckUSA offers a series of comprehensive lab panels designed to evaluate how well the major “systems” in your body are working and working together.  This panel is more comprehensive than isolated tests typically ordered during an annual physical.

Viewed together, results of this panel reveal the delicate interactions and trends of functional systems. And the best part—this test is paired with an hour-long consultation with a health advisor at Lifetime Fitness to help you connect the dots between the results and what it means for you.

The Longevity & Vitality Basic panel looks into overall metabolic functioning to explore:

  • Glucose and insulin levels showing how well your body regulates blood sugar
  • Nutrient status for key nutrients related to metabolism and vitality
  • Inflammation patterns and your body’s response to managing cholesterol and lipids—including a test that indicates risk of cardiovascular disease
  • Thyroid function to evaluate energy control in your body
  • Stress and resiliency hormones which indicate the aging process and its effects
  • Rising or decreasing sex hormone levels—which contribute to energy levels and mood
  • Kidney and liver function—to evaluate how well your body clears toxins from your system

This blood test requires one visit to a nearby lab where several vials of blood are drawn. You will receive your results online and in a mailed packet. Upon receipt, you may schedule an hour-long session with a registered dietitian who will explain what your health facts mean to you and where you are in relation to optimal functioning. Most importantly, your health advisor can help you define a path to enhancing vitality and longevity from your starting place.

Find out more about what you’ll learn in the Longevity and Vitality assessment

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