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The VAP test provides detailed cholesterol measures

Susan July 13, 2009 Cholesterol Screens, Heart Health & Cholesterol Comments Off on The VAP test provides detailed cholesterol measures
The VAP test provides detailed cholesterol measures

The affordable vertical auto profile (VAP) Test provides direct, detailed measurements of cholesterol subclasses that play important roles in the development of heart disease–the No. 1 cause of death in the United States.

The comprehensive information provided by the VAP allows for improved diagnosis and gives physicians the ability to develop patient-specific therapy, monitor treatment progress, and increase patient compliance. The VAP Test also allows physicians to comply with updated National Cholesterol Education Program. The National Cholesterol Education Program is a program managed by the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, a division of the National Institutes of Health. Its goal is to reduce increased cardiovascular disease rates due to hypercholesterolemia (elevated cholesterol).

Roseanne Varner, Atherotech’s president and chief executive officer, said the collaboration with HealthCheckUSA  is an important step in Atherotech’s expansion into the direct access testing market. “We are pleased to partner with HealthCheckUSA and provide the VAP Test to people concerned about their cardiovascular health,” Varner said. “HealthcheckUSA’s focus on providing direct-to-consumer tests and services such as the VAP Test is to be commended. People are showing a growing need to take charge of their health, especially their heart health, and the detailed cholesterol information provided by the VAP Test will let them do just that.”

According to according to Holt Vaughan, Director for HealthcheckUSA, the company is delighted to be one of the first to offer the VAP Test directly to consumers. “We have been educated extensively about the VAP Test and the valuable information it provides about heart disease risk in people who may have a false sense of security about their cholesterol levels,” Vaughan said. “We believe that the VAP Test will revolutionize the way consumers monitor their cholesterol in the future.”

To request a VAP Test without a physician referral physician referral visit and select a lab location. HealthcheckUSA provides a requisition form to take to the lab–no appointment is necessary.

The simple blood test can be completed in 10 minutes. Professionals screen all test results, and patients are urged to consult a physician if abnormalities appear. Results and explanations are mailed to HealthcheckUSA customers within 10-14 working days and also available online.

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