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Taking Care of Your Body: How Poor Health Creates Stress

Ashley August 15, 2014 Healthcare, Stress and Overall Health Comments Off on Taking Care of Your Body: How Poor Health Creates Stress


You probably know that stress can take a terrible toll on your body, but did you know that poor health increases your stress?

Exercise, good sleep patterns, and healthy food work together to relieve your stress all the time, so a person with a healthy lifestyle is far less vulnerable to the effects of stress.

Almost everyone has some stress in their lives ranging from occasional to chronic and from mild to severe. Stress can lead to a host of serious complications, including heart problems, diabetes, and crippling depression.

Leading a sedentary life and living on low-nutrition fast foods or restrictive fad diets adds to your stress and lead to serious complications. The best defense against stress is a healthy diet high in vitamins and minerals, regular exercise, and relaxation techniques like deep breathing and yoga.

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