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Be a Healthy Dad this Father’s Day

Ashley June 13, 2014 Men's Health Comments Off on Be a Healthy Dad this Father’s Day


You want to be around for a lot of Father’s Days to come, and the best way to ensure your health is to get out there and do some kid stuff!

Take it outside. You’ll get plenty of heart-healthy exercise by playing with your kids, and your kids will benefit as well. While you’re lowering your cholesterol, losing weight, and getting fit, you’ll be bonding with your kids, building their skills, stamina and self-esteem. Playing with your kids is a win for the whole family. Don’t be afraid to look silly. Real men practice ballet with their girls.

Relax. Never underestimate the power of a good nap. Rest and relaxation are essential to good health. Carve out some time for a relaxing snooze when you need it most. Even better, learn a relaxation technique (think yoga) with your kids. You’ll combat your own stress and build coping skills for your kids at the same time.

Eat healthy. Feed yourself all the good things you want your kids to eat. Skip the chips and snack on fruits, vegetables, and nuts. The best thing you can do for yourself and your kids is to eat healthy.

Set a good example. Your kids, and their kids, learn by example. If you eat a healthy diet and get plenty of exercise, so will they. They’ll pass the same healthy habits on to their kids. By starting today, you can help ensure your family’s health for generations to come.

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