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Top 7 Signs You Should Get Tested for Prostate Cancer

Ashley June 9, 2014 Men's Health Comments Off on Top 7 Signs You Should Get Tested for Prostate Cancer


In the early stages, prostate cancer has no symptoms. Your best bet for early detection, is regular screenings.

Late stage symptoms include:

1. Difficulty urinating: a weak stream, the need to urinate more often than normal or getting up frequently during the night.
2. Color of urine. Look for a rusty tinge that might indicate blood in the urine.
3. Difficulty getting or sustaining an erection.
4. Pain in the hip and back area. Testicular cancer is not painful, but it can spread to the bones.
5. Loss of strength in legs.
6. Numbness in legs or feet.
7. Loss of bladder or bowel control caused by tumors putting pressure on the spinal cord.

Other conditions can cause similar symptoms, so the best advice, if you have any of these symptoms is to contact your doctor.


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