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Starting the New Year with a Personal Trainer

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Starting the New Year with a Personal Trainer

In a perfect world, we’d all adopt healthy lifestyles centered on nutritious foods and regular exercise. In the real world, most people have difficulty maintaining consistent fitness routines without losing motivation.

With spring weather looming on the not-so-distant horizon, many people are turning their attention toward getting in shape. Thanks to the upcoming Healthy Weight Week, overweight and out of shape adults have an ideal opportunity to make a long-term commitment to health and fitness.

Time to Get Started

Spanning from January 19-25, Healthy Weight Week is a widespread movement aimed at pushing people to adopt healthier lifestyles. In response, more and more people have turned away from bad habits and lifestyle choices in favor of diets and activities that promote better health and wellbeing. Unfortunately, once this period ends, some people are apt to fall back into bad habits. To keep your new fitness routine humming along, you need motivation even when you’re not feeling that “into” your workouts. For countless people, personal trainers provide this continuing motivation; but, how do you find the right personal trainer for your specific needs?

Choosing a Good Trainer

Every personal trainer is different; however, the best ones share a set of particular qualities that make them good at their jobs. When choosing the right trainer for you, look for the following important traits:

  1. Patience: The fundamental key to a good client-trainer relationship, patience is a must when it comes to cultivating a lasting fitness routine. A good trainer knows a one-size-fits-all approach won’t work for everyone. He or she needs to assess your unique needs and abilities and create a reasonable plan that won’t leave you exhausted and frustrated. If your trainer isn’t setting a comfortable pace, consider looking for a new one.
  2. Communication: Good listening skills are also important, because they help promote trust. They also serve to guide a trainer to better develop plans and routines you actually enjoy. If your trainer seems to ignore your feedback, think about making a change.
  3. Professionalism: Trainers and clients can develop close relationships; however, a reputable trainer should maintain a high level of professionalism. If the trainer is on the other side of the gym half the time you’re working out, look for one who gives your fitness goals the attention they deserve.
  4. Education: Before agreeing to train with anyone, ask to see their fitness certifications. The wrong training methods can result in serious injuries, so make sure your trainer is qualified.
  5. Personality: In the end, you’re far more likely to stick to a workout routine if you actually like being around your trainer. Many people are eager to get to the gym simply because they enjoy the interactions they share with their personal trainers. On the other hand, if you find your trainer loud, obnoxious or annoying, you won’t have to look hard for an excuse to skip a workout.

Before You Begin a Workout Regimen

Prior to starting any fitness routine, it’s important to benchmark your fitness levels. This means getting baseline tests to assess your existing health along with any physical limitations you might be unaware of. Besides raising alerts to any potential health problems that could make exercise dangerous, these weight loss and fitness assessments can help you identify potential nutritional deficiencies or hormonal imbalances that might make you feel rundown, moody or fatigued. They can also give you an idea of where you’re starting, so you can clearly monitor your improvements and stay motivated along the way!

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