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Tips for a Healthy and Safe 4th of July!

Ashley July 3, 2014 Miscellaneous health topics Comments Off on Tips for a Healthy and Safe 4th of July!

The 4th of July is an American holiday with a long tradition of family fun. But, between the unhealthy foods we all love and the danger of fireworks, it’s far too easy to make the wrong choices.

Here’s how you can make your 4th of July healthy, safe and happy.

  • Eat better. Substitute fatty burgers and chips for a more memorable healthy feast.
  • Work it off. Being outdoors give you the perfect opportunity to participate in aerobic activities. Toss a frisbee, have an old-fashioned sack race, or crank up the tunes and dance your heart out.
  • Practice firework safety. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) reported nearly 9,000 firework-related injuries that send people to the emergency room in 2012.
  • To avoid injury:
  1. Keep all fireworks away from children. Even sparklers can cause severe burns.
  2. Don’t mix alcohol or drugs and explosives. Fireworks are dangerous enough when you’re sober. Only buy fireworks from reputable, licensed sellers.
  3. Keep a hose or water bucket nearby in case of fire
  4. Follow local laws. Fireworks may be prohibited during drought conditions due to fire hazards.
  5. Don’t try to re-light “dud” fireworks, and soak duds in water before discarding, after 15 or 20 minutes gave passed to be sure it’s not smoldering inside.
  6. With good menu and activity planning and careful fireworks supervision, your 4th of July weekend can be a guilt-free and joyous celebration with no mishaps.

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