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Vitamin D: The Super Vitamin!

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Vitamin D: The Super Vitamin!

What is Vitamin D?
• Vitamin D is a critical nutrient that actually acts more like a hormone than a vitamin. In general, we get vitamin D from the sun. The UVB rays from the sun interact with our skin and cholesterol to create vitamin D. In today’s society, with limited time in the sun, the majority of people are actually deficient.

Why do we need it?
• Optimal Vitamin D is absolutely essential to optimal health and wellness. Deficiencies are associated with many health conditions that include obesity, heart disease, elevated inflammation, cancer, diabetes, depression, and autoimmune issues.

How can I determine my Vitamin D status?
• The simplest way to understand your current Vitamin D levels is to do blood work. The Vitamin D council makes the recommendation that your levels should range between 50 to 80 ng/ml.

How can I improve my Vitamin D levels?
• There are really 2 ways in which we can get adequate vitamin D on a daily basis. One, exposing your bare skin to the sunlight. The amount of time will depend on where you live, the time of the year, and the color of your skin. The best time of the day is the middle of the day, when the sun is most intense. The closer to the equator you live, the easier it will be to improve vitamin D levels through the skin. Lastly, the darker the skin you have, the more time you will need to spend in the sun. The second way in which we can improve our Vitamin D levels is through supplementation. The most typical recommendation for an adult in 5,ooo IU/day

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