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Start your day with a Nutrition Panel

Susan July 7, 2012 Nutrition Comments Off on Start your day with a Nutrition Panel
Start your day with a Nutrition Panel

The foundation of good health? Nutrition.

Proper nutrition leads to fewer illnesses, faster recovery and overall better health. In many cases, medical conditions can be treated simply by eating better.

How do you measure up?

HealthCheckUSA has a nutrition panel that will allow you to work with your doctor to build a nutrition and diet plan that is just right for you. The nutritional panel includes the Chem-26 and measurements of Vitamin B12 with Folic Acid, and total-iron binding capacity. (TIBC).

What’s in the Chem 26?

The Chem 26 checks kidney, heart, and liver functions and includes a lipid panel to measure cholesterol and triglycerides. This panel also measures blood glucose, calcium, uric acid, electrolyte and iron levels. Cholesterol and triglyceride levels may indicate a need for dietary changes and possibly medications. High glucose levels could indicate diabetes, and high levels of iron could indicate a serious genetic disorder called hemochromatosis.

What does a vitamin B12 with folic acid test reveal?

The vitamin B12 with folic acid test (included in the nutrition profile) gives you a thorough analysis of your body’s metabolic functions. B12 levels can help physicians determine if your body is generating enough energy to power all the organs. Low levels of B12 can be indicate risk of organ damage. This part of the nutritional panel also determines how much folic acid your body is getting. A lack of folic acid can impair protein synthesis and cell division.

What if total iron binding capacity is too high?

The Nutrition Panel also includes a measure of total iron binding capacity. Elevated levels of TIBC can indicate an iron deficiency, which means that you need to incorporate more green vegetables and possibly red meat in your diet. TIBC measures how efficiently your blood transports iron through the rest of your body.

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