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Look inside to test wellness

Susan April 18, 2013 Cholesterol Screens, Tests to detect and manage diabetes, Thyroid Screens, Weight Loss & FItness Comments Off on Look inside to test wellness
Look inside to test wellness

What is wellness? If you divide your life into four dimensions, physical, emotional, social and spiritual and take stock in each area—you will have a measure of wellness. Some authors of wellness also include “intellectual,” as a dimension of wellness.

At the base of the “wellness pyramid” are the components of physical health—which include maintaining a healthy diet, getting regular exercise and rest and a modicum of sunlight every day.

Social wellness describes the ability to play your social roles effectively and comfortably—such as mother, sister, father, student, worker, friend.

Spiritual wellness describes practicing a set of values that help you seek meaning and purpose in your life.  While emotional wellness is the ability to understand your own feelings and cope effectively stress.

Intellectual wellness is defined as having an open mind when encountering new ideas and the desire to continue to expand your knowledge.

Most people are aware of unhealthy behaviors such as smoking, lack of activity, high-fat diets and excessive stress but are satisfied with life as long as they are free from symptoms of disease or illness.

Does aging equal waning wellness?

There are some that believe that the concept of wellness has been misconstrued in the last forty years.  Why? Because the health of our population is trending toward obesity, diabetes, heart disease and constant stress.  If we are simply free from disease or our symptoms are “well managed” does that equal wellness? Is it “normal” to gain weight and fat and add prescriptions as we age?

What if we looked at wellness instead—as living a life in which we focused on increasing vitality and longevity?

Is it possible to test for wellness?

The physical dimensions of wellness involve cardiovascular flexibility and strength, proper nutrition and rest, refraining from use of drugs and tobacco and excessive alcohol consumption.  True wellness means you are able to cope in healthful ways with stress.

To assess physical health, a number blood tests can be used to evaluate stress levels,  overall metabolic functioning—including thyroid function, stress response, glycemic regulation, lipids, sex hormone balance, inflammation and vitamin D status.  Used as a starting point to build toward wellness, weight loss and fitness assessments are now available at HealthCheckUSA. Included with these lab panels is a 60-minute consultation with a health advisor to help you interpret test results and provide counseling on how to adapt your behaviors and diet, supplement your diet, and improve cardiovascular and strength conditioning.

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