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Low Energy? Should You Be Tested for T-3?

Ashley July 18, 2014 Thyroid Screens Comments Off on Low Energy? Should You Be Tested for T-3?

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As we age, there are plenty of conditions that can drain our energy. Stress, lack of sleep, allergies, high or low blood sugar, and anemia are common causes. If you’re tired all the time and can’t identify the cause, you may want to consider taking a thyroid test.

Triiodothyronine, also known as T-3, is a hormone produced by your thyroid that affects your energy level. If your thyroid isn’t working properly, it may not be producing enough T-3. It’s a condition more prevalent in women, but men can have thyroid disorders as well. A blood test will help you find out if you need medicine to boost your energy or if the cure is instead a simpler fix like a big spinach salad for lunch!

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