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A fancy word for change: Metabolism

Susan May 1, 2013 Weight Loss & FItness Comments Off on A fancy word for change: Metabolism
A fancy word for change: Metabolism

Many people think metabolism is a simple equation of food intake minus calories burned. Derived from the Greek word, “metabol,” meaning “to change,” metabolism is actually a blanket term describing thousands of  physical and chemical processes in the body that change one thing into another to build and repair cells, fight infection, maintain body temperature and blood sugar levels, produce energy and eliminate wastes. Each person’s metabolism is determined by genetics, environment and nutrition.

Metabolism is more than food in, energy out

Did you know about one in ten women have hypothyroidism, and one in four men over the age of 30 have low testosterone? These are two examples of metabolic factors that can impact the ability to manage a healthy weight—but have little to do with nutrition and exercise.

A baseline lab test to look inside

A good start for understanding what’s affecting your metabolism is a blood test that looks inside to measure thyroid function, sex and stress hormones, vitamin adequacy, heart, liver and kidney function.

At HealthCheckUSA, weight loss and fitness lab panels include a 60-minute consultation with a registered dietitian—who will help you interpret results and suggest changes to optimize your metabolism.


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