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Five steps toward wellness

Susan April 18, 2013 Men's Health, Weight Loss & FItness, Women's Health Comments Off on Five steps toward wellness
Five steps toward wellness

1. Drink more water. Water increases energy and vitality, while helping to control hunger pangs.
2. Move your body. Fitness can utilize up to 30 times more blood sugar than rest and it is especially good for improving your mood.
3. Eat five small meals a day. Never skip breakfast. Eat five meals a day and keep them fresh, organic and as green as you can.
4. Sleep well. Go to bed and arise the same time every morning after a full 8 hours. The majority of your body’s cellular repair takes place at sleep.
5. Eat enough fiber. A sluggish colon is linked to mood disorders, muscle and bone aches and pains. It’s job is to help rid the body of waste or essentially detox.


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